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Hello I am currently working on a series. Its called Diversion Of Destruction The first orb part 2. If your interested in this visit http://z8.invisionfr ee.com/FinalFusion/i ndex.php?act=idx

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Posted by blade55555 - October 3rd, 2012

Doubt many people will read this but just wanted to say I am back. I know I wasn't a very good animator 5 years ago when I last animated, but I feel I am even better even though I haven't messed with flash in almost 5 years. I plan on making part 2 of the dbz series which should be a lot better then the first one, Diversion of Destruction is most likely going to be scrapped as after I finish the dbz series (planning on a 3 parter) I want to start another series set in a star wars type setting is my plan.

I don't know how long it will be until I release the next dbz as I want to make sure it's actually somewhat good and not awful like that one. I will submit some short fighting movies as an exercise for me to see how much I improve at stick fighting and hopefully you guys will enjoy those as well.

For anyone who reads thanks for reading and hopefully can make my stick movies a lot better now :D

Posted by blade55555 - December 23rd, 2008

here's an update for anyone that reads what I type here. I have not been satisfied at all with how it was going so I restarted with a much better idea. What I plan on doing is pretty much doing a remake of 1 with a better storyline.

So DoD 1 and 2 are going to be pretty different. In DoD 2 its going to start out as a flash back of 2 months. when they find a cave that mysteriously appeared in the middle of nowhere. Its going to show scientists going in there but something happens.

Then its going to continue in the cav that the soldiers are in now. The only difference now is they arn't looking for an orb. They are looking for a piece of technology an artifact that if you can collect all 5 you will pretty much be the superior nation.

I do plan on this being alot long and I have no idea how long this will take me to complete. I am going to try to make this look and be my best flash movie. I hope some people are looking forward to it. Thanks for reading I'll have an update with some screenshots next time I update this!

Posted by blade55555 - November 7th, 2008

Hey all its been awhile. I just recently got back into animating again as games and other things have been getting in the way for the past 8 or so months. For all you people who want Diversion of Destruction 2 I am currently not working on that. I have started animating an old flash I started a year ago which is a dbz flash. I will be working on both a dbz part 2, and Diversion of Destruction 2 depending on my mood.

Posted by blade55555 - March 14th, 2008

Been awhile since i'v posted. I don't know if anybody reads these but here is an update. I'm kinda working on Diversion of Destruction 2 but I havn't really been doing much because of schoo and games lol. I'm hoping to start working on it a lot more sometime within the next month and yea soo please stay with me I know its been awhile.

Posted by blade55555 - December 12th, 2007

Alright honestly I wont' lie I have been slacking off on making part 2 of Diversion of Destruction. Reason being I have been playing some addicting games and i'm about to have a new computer. But i'm finally starting to work again and I hope I can update with some screenshots or somethign soon... Only time will tell guys hope this one is a lot better then the last one thanks for reading if you read! :).

Posted by blade55555 - September 12th, 2007

Ok I know i'm no hot shot flash maker least right now and maybe forever I don't know. Anyways thought i'd update you guys on what's going on. If you guys have watched Diversion of Destruction Part 1 I am almost going to start working on it again. Reason i'm not working on it right now is i'm waiting for my friend to get his tablet. He is very good at drawing backgrounds and all taht stuff so once he gets his tablet (thursday) I will start it. So you guys should see some huge improvemnts in part 2. I also plan on making part 2 way way longer then the first one. Firs tone reason I finished so early was I was in a rush and yea... So expect huge improvemnts on part 2 and if you want more info or anything please feel free to visit the forums (website has been cancled because i'm waiting till people start joining and be active before i'll get another website..).

http://z8.invisionfree.com/FinalFusion /index.php?act=idx

Thanks for reading!

Posted by blade55555 - July 17th, 2007

Hello! I am a beginner at flash movies (as you can see I have 1 released right now but it isn't that great). I havn't really started part 2 yet. I'm a huge fan of stick movies (castle, killing spree, dbz stick saga). I am currently working on Diversion of Destruction part 2 and just messing around in flash. I love making flash movies I find it fun even if their not good. I don't care what other people think I just do it for fun :). I have a website www.final-fusion.net i'm working on the website now and hope to finish it sometime in the near future. I hope you guys join the forums. And yep thanks for reading.