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Diversion of Destruction 2 12/22/2008

2008-12-23 00:08:05 by blade55555

here's an update for anyone that reads what I type here. I have not been satisfied at all with how it was going so I restarted with a much better idea. What I plan on doing is pretty much doing a remake of 1 with a better storyline.

So DoD 1 and 2 are going to be pretty different. In DoD 2 its going to start out as a flash back of 2 months. when they find a cave that mysteriously appeared in the middle of nowhere. Its going to show scientists going in there but something happens.

Then its going to continue in the cav that the soldiers are in now. The only difference now is they arn't looking for an orb. They are looking for a piece of technology an artifact that if you can collect all 5 you will pretty much be the superior nation.

I do plan on this being alot long and I have no idea how long this will take me to complete. I am going to try to make this look and be my best flash movie. I hope some people are looking forward to it. Thanks for reading I'll have an update with some screenshots next time I update this!


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2009-04-04 18:31:35

the 1st one was ok, next one should be better...?

blade55555 responds:

wow never expected somebody to actually reply.

But yes I am making sure the 2nd one is better. Actually i'm kind of remaking the whole story a bit. After watching the first one it doesn't really make sense and goes to fast. I am going to remake it pretty much in a different view same type of thing just a better story so it makes more sense not just running around shooting :P.

I plan on putting some updates on that soon with some screenshots once i'm sure its not to bad.