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update #2 (also contains info on my upcoming movie)

2007-09-12 01:48:49 by blade55555

Ok I know i'm no hot shot flash maker least right now and maybe forever I don't know. Anyways thought i'd update you guys on what's going on. If you guys have watched Diversion of Destruction Part 1 I am almost going to start working on it again. Reason i'm not working on it right now is i'm waiting for my friend to get his tablet. He is very good at drawing backgrounds and all taht stuff so once he gets his tablet (thursday) I will start it. So you guys should see some huge improvemnts in part 2. I also plan on making part 2 way way longer then the first one. Firs tone reason I finished so early was I was in a rush and yea... So expect huge improvemnts on part 2 and if you want more info or anything please feel free to visit the forums (website has been cancled because i'm waiting till people start joining and be active before i'll get another website..). /index.php?act=idx

Thanks for reading!


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