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Entry #7

Hey guys long time no see!

2012-10-03 02:56:53 by blade55555

Doubt many people will read this but just wanted to say I am back. I know I wasn't a very good animator 5 years ago when I last animated, but I feel I am even better even though I haven't messed with flash in almost 5 years. I plan on making part 2 of the dbz series which should be a lot better then the first one, Diversion of Destruction is most likely going to be scrapped as after I finish the dbz series (planning on a 3 parter) I want to start another series set in a star wars type setting is my plan.

I don't know how long it will be until I release the next dbz as I want to make sure it's actually somewhat good and not awful like that one. I will submit some short fighting movies as an exercise for me to see how much I improve at stick fighting and hopefully you guys will enjoy those as well.

For anyone who reads thanks for reading and hopefully can make my stick movies a lot better now :D


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